Chris "Critter" Eldridge

Guitarist & singer with Punch Brothers, Julian Lage, solo, etc.

Tony Rice

I had the privilege of speaking to American Songwriter Magazine about Tony Rice. You can read the article below. Just last night I found my old minidisk player which has about 5 hours of Tony and I hanging out talking and listening to music in his basement from back in January of 2002. I was up until 6AM listening to them. I hadn't heard this stuff in probably 10 years. Certainly as a musician, that time I spent with Tony was some of the most important and transformational of my life. I feel incredibly lucky that he let me in and shared some of his wisdom. Although at that time I was a very serious and dedicated guitarist, Tony set a different example of music itself being worth dedicating one's life to. Like any other master in any other discipline, Tony set an example of what you can become and accomplish when you dedicate your life to something. I got a glimpse behind the curtain and what I saw was a man who had walked the walk. For 19 year-old me, this was powerfully inspiring to see and it changed the course of my life. That is why I say Tony will always be my biggest hero.