Chris "Critter" Eldridge

Guitarist & singer with Punch Brothers, Julian Lage, solo, etc.

New album, Avalon, with Julian Lage

Hello friends,

I write today from beautiful Portland, OR. The sun is out and the sky is blue. You just can't beat Portland on a nice day.

BIG NEWS: Julian Lage and I have a new record, Avalon, that will be coming out October 7th. It was produced by our good friend Kenneth Pattengale, who you may know from his day job as one half of The Milk Carton Kids. The record is a mix of original instrumental music and songs (i.e. music with words) that we culled from the Great American Songbook. Bluegrass, spirituals, tin-pan alley, jazz, old country, it's all American and we love it all. 

Our friends at The Bluegrass Situation have an exclusive on one of our instrumentals, "Steady Proof." Head on over to the Sitch and have a listen. And be sure to check in with our website,, where you'll be able to preorder Avalon in a couple of weeks.